What’s an aircraft without an engine? It doesn’t get you anywhere, right? Ok … it’s nice to look at, sit in, and show off, but that’s about it. The same is true for flight schools. Why go to a school if it doesn’t have a reputation for quality training and employable graduates? Choosing the right flight school is important!

Airlines simply want the best. Would you prefer a mechanic with poor or rigorous training? Most likely, the one with the poor training graduated quicker and spent less money. But, in the end, will he have a successful career, if any at all? As an aspiring pilot, you need to lay a strong foundation upon which to build a great career.

Unfortunately, many flight schools cut corners in their training. So many students settle for the quick fix, not realizing that airlines will test them to make sure they know what they’re supposed to know and are able to perform at a high level of competence. If not, all the time and money may be wasted. Can you really become a good, quality pilot in a few months, as some schools advertise?

At FTC, we’ve successfully trained pilots since 2008. The list of airlines who’ve hired our graduates is significant. Our graduates have gone on to live their dream.
They are literally flying all over the world. Will you be one of our successful pilots, fulfilling your dream? Will you go for the flight school that will get you results?

The first step is to receive all the information on how to become a pilot. Just click this link and let us know: https://www.flighttrainingcentre.co.ke/contact-us/

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