Top paying jobs in Kenya among them is that of a pilot. A study by International Air Transport Association (IATA) showed that the aviation industry in Kenya supports about 620000 jobs.

Generally, Pilots are some of the best-paid professionals not only in Kenya but the world over. Moreover, the high cost of training happens to be the only check that has stopped this career line from getting flooded.

A Wall Street Journal in March 2013 reported that it takes Kenya Airways about Ksh 8.5 million to train a pilot. The same source alleges that a captain makes up to Ksh 1.1 million a month.

If this is the case the question is who will employ the pilots?

If you want to be a pilot then don’t worry, there are many potential employers in the industry.

They include:

  1. Airlines in Kenya (Local and International) for example, Kenya Airways, Jambo Jet, African Express Airways, Fly-SAX, Safarilink Aviation among others.
  2. The Kenya military/ Air Force and the Police Service
  3. Top Companies with commercial aircrafts
  4. Private citizens who own aircrafts
  5. The government of Kenya
  6. Flying schools as a tutor or mentor.

Currently, there is a global pilot shortage hence the need to leverage on this great opportunity in order to fill the gap and at the same time benefit from the vacancies available.

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