Captain Jackeline Kiptoo

Position at FTC:

Flight Instructor

How long have you been flying:

6 Years

What did you want to be when you were growing up:

I went for my first Air show when I was 8 years old, I took a ride on a chopper and loved flying ever since.

What’s your favorite flying social media page from FB, Twitter or Instagram:

Just Planes and Fly Aopa are good pages

What is your favorite memory from flying with an FTC student:

My favourite moment is when releasing a student to do their first solo. Its not only a proud moment for the student but for me as the instructor.

What advise would you give someone who has never gone through flight school and wants to become a pilot?

Follow your dreams….. A lot of people get discouraged because they think flying is expensive, yet  they forget that there are other ways and channels to achieve their dream of flying. There are aviation clubs out there that can offer sponsorship. Just have the will and pray.

What advise would you give a student going through flight training:

Depends on the stage:- For beginners, study as hard as possible, the basics are the most important. Research, watch videos, read blogs and articles to enhance your knowledge…Ask your instructors and experienced pilots questions.

For students who have done their PPL and are doing their CPL, Keep building yourself. The only way to achieve this is through continuous reading, subscribing to aviation magazines, reading aviation articles online, joining aviation forums and being involved. Go above and beyond the instructor.

Where can a potential student get information about flying?

Our website, our social media pages…. information is all over the internet. You can also call to inquire or pay us a visit.

Why do you like working at FTC?

FTC has an amazing team of instructors, we always have discussions on how to make the learning experience better and that motivates me to become a better instructor. The team work and exposure is great!

What is your funniest story from teaching students at FTC?

Its always a great experience flying with students, but the funniest was when we were practicing stall, the student was using ailerons rather than the radar. The look on his face was priceless.

What do you think about the aviation industry in Kenya?

The aviation industry in Kenya has along way to go. I believe it has not beef fully exploited and there is room for more pilots. We have over 50 airports and airstrips that can be used to enhance tourism in the country.

What do you think about women and aviation in Kenya?

 I know women are better pilots that men, its just that women have not been empowered more to realize they can also fly. Mine is just to encourage women to follow their dreams in Aviation.

What do you like most about your instructor team at FTC?

They are great pilots and work well as a team. We also have a good working relationship.

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