Core Competencies


At Flight Training Centre we offer many general and specialized courses in specific areas of the Aviation Environment. We have a flexible resource which can support you by either supplying a standard training package or by providing a bespoke training specifically tailored to your needs.


We are focused on delivering training which is enriching, educational, and enlightening. To achieve and maintain the highest standards in training requires a comprehensive understanding of the training needs of the individual students. We are pleased to support you during this undertaking and believe our training is designed to encourage the development of personal competencies. Our courses will only ever be delivered by professionals with many years of relevant experience. We develop our courses using competent persons with extensive regulatory and industry experience; In addition we take full account of ongoing issues and current industry factors. We continually look for opportunity to optimize and add value and benefit to the trainings provided.


We pride ourselves on offering training which is designed to satisfy your specific requirements. Also to comprehensively meet the need to fully understand the KCAA’s regulatory environment and how it interacts with the flying environment. We offer a growing list of KCAA and ICAO focused and compliant training. We have a consistent satisfaction rate amongst our delegates.


Based in Nairobi’s Wilson Airport and Kijipwa Airstrip Mombasa, we are extremely competitive on price without sacrificing delivery or quality. Flight Training Centre is proud that we have a consistent satisfaction rate amongst our delegates. We are very happy to be assessed by quality systems and continuously strive to meet the highest standards of professionalism.


Flight Training Centre endeavors to accomplish the following in the on-coming years:

  • Provide highly skilled, competent pilots who are able to handle all types of aircrafts with ease.
  • To establish good working relationships with airlines and operators in order to boost chances of training through the ab-initio programmes for airlines
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