When people think about a career in aviation, the first thought is often of a pilot but there are many other career opportunities one can pursue in this field:
Aircraft Manufacturing
Working in aircraft manufacturing can be an exciting trade to pursue. A person can work as a manufacturing engineer, an electrical installer & technician, and so much more in working in the creation of manufacturing aircraft. Several careers in this field do require some educational background like an engineering degree.
Aircraft and Systems Maintenance
Maintenance of an aircraft is an important position for an individual to have. Everything from aircraft maintenance engineering to aviation maintenance technician and everything in between falls into this area of aviation. You must have completed your secondary education to begin your career in aircraft and system maintenance. There is a current concern of an upcoming aviation mechanic shortage.


Airline and Airport Operations
Want to work as a flight dispatcher? How about working as an air traffic controller which is also facing a shortage? Being an ATC is a challenging job and takes a certain type of person. Is that you? There is also an Airport Director and other operational positions that fall under this area of aviation. These require a college degree plus Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) training. Think of the exciting adventures that await you in these fields of airport operation!
Pilot Careers
Of course, the most known career in aviation is working as a pilot. As with aviation mechanics and air traffic controllers, there is concern over a shortage of future pilots. There are many types of pilot jobs an individual can pursue. Did you know a person can learn to fly with a minimum grade of C+ or above with C+ in Mathematics, English and any Science Subject and recently you must pass Geography and even a Degree or a Masters? Educational requirements vary. A person can work for a regional airline, a major/national airline, a test pilot, air freight/cargo pilot, helicopter pilot, UAV/UAS (drone systems), and so much more!
Want to get started and need help?
Going to school can be expensive and it can be difficult to find the funding to pay for your aviation education. When researching schools, it can be just as important to research ways to fund your education, including looking at grants and scholarships.
There are so many career options available and offered in aviation. Find what you want to do in aviation and go after it!
Soar like eagle!

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