Captain Grace Wakonyo Githinji

Position at FTC:

Flight Instructor.

How long have you been flying:

8 Years.

What did you want to be when you were growing up:

I’ve always wanted to be a pilot. My class mates in high school  used to call me Captain Konyo.

 What’s your favorite flying social media page from FB, Twitter or Instagram:

I like 43rd and Select Aviation.

What is your favorite memory from flying with an FTC student:

 My best memory with a student was when i instructed the student to hold the nose to the horizon and they lifted their nose.

What advise would you give someone who has never gone through flight school and wants to become a pilot?

 For men its easy to start since there are a lot of male pilots and getting guidance is easy. My advise for the ladies would be – What a man can do, a woman can do  ten times better. So sign up and start flying.

What advise would you give a student going through flight training:

 Most students  tend to compare themselves with others as a result they end up getting discouraged. Don’t compare yourself to others since people learn and grasp things differently.

Where can a potential student get information about flying?

 Google is your best friend! You can get a lot of content from the internet. Hanging out with established pilots can also teach you a lot about flying

Why do you like working at FTC?:

 My mentor and Multi-IR examiner brought me into FTC. Seeing him work and progress at FTC made me want to work here and I’ve liked it ever since. The working conditions are also the best when an instructor wants to properly impact knowledge to the students.

What is your funniest story from teaching students at FTC?

 My funniest story is when i’m training my students for stalls, they always end up hugging me.

What do you think about the aviation industry in Kenya?

 It is over crowded with men, its time for women to wake up.

What do you think about women and aviation in Kenya?

 There is an increase in women pilots. I would encourage as many women as possible to join flying. As i said- What a man can do, a woman can do ten times better.

What do you like most about your instructor team at FTC?

I like that we are a family and we work together to nurture the students to become pilots. 

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